And so what of Lima?

6 11 2008

What has been written in this blog so far only really covers a total of 7 days out of the four months that have passed in Peru: Cusco lasted four days; Arequipa and the Colca Canyon just three. In the next seven days I am goin to try and double this.

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Lima.  Like any city on earth Lima has it’s own characteristics, it’s own distinct features and it’s own little quirks and fables. By making a log of one week of my everyday life here I hope to cover at least a few of these in more detail. I have been largely inspired by a visit from two of my friends from home who came to celebrate my birthday at the end of October. Watching how they reacted to the city made me think back to the same things i noticed on my first days here and just how much I have become accustomed to life here over four months.

Also I got a camera which makes it easier to show what I am trying to describe.

Ok. Thursday November the sixth 2008. I’ll start at my work. Here is the view that I spent 8 hours looking at today.

eight hours a day, five days a week

eight hours a day, five days a week

This is one of the many beautiful parks in Miraflores, the district of Lima where I work and live. This picture was taken from my office window.

The spikes are pretty much a standard part of many of the houses and offices here. Fear and protection are very much a part of every day life though I am told that this has eased since the threat of terrorism in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Senderos Luminoso were one group who successfully detonated a devastating bomb in Miraflores alongside other parts of the country killing many people.

So there are spikes, electric fences and glass set into concrete that line high walls running around the outside of Limas more expensive properties. There are also security guards who occupy booths at the corners of most of the blocks in Miraflores who are very nice and always like to chat or just say hello.

The park is full of various birds, my favourite of which are humming birds who hover around the spikes before speeding of again.

There is always some sort of noise coming from the park, whether it be the screech of the whistle by a guy selling ice creams to kids from the nearby school or the endless cycle of car alarms that seems endemic in this city which ring out immediately after the alarm has been set.

So this is the view I have spent the best part of my time in Peru looking at. Along with my computer of course!




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11 11 2008

Would like to see a photo of those hummingbirds!

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