Sunny sunny Lima

10 11 2008

Ok, this post was inevitable, so I thought I’d save it for the night this week when I got in late.

If there’s one thing that has changed alot in my time in Lima, it’s the weather. When I arrived it was cloudy. Extremely cloudy. There was no break in the cloud for up to months on end and neither sun, star nor blue sky crept into vision for even a second of this. Thisdoes tend to give the old optimism a good battering. I have often looked at the “buy one get one free” factor 30 jumbo bottles of suncream that I bought in my last day in Scotland and wondered whether I will ever take them out of their boots pharmacy carrier bag.

Another oddity: despite cloud persistence there had not been one drop of rain for three months in this city before the other day when it spat lightly for a good fifteen minutes. Sure, there had been a spot of mild drizzle, but this had never became heavy enough to constitute full blown drops of rain. The city is very humid – it is on the coast of the pacific ocean – but this humidity hangs in the air and forms into big thick clouds and mist that have absolutely no intention of turning into rain. The reason why the following is “necessary”:

Watering the grass

Watering the grass

Lima is in the middle of a desert, so in those areas of town where people are lucky enough to have earned the privalage of grassy areas, much water application is needed. So the grass gets watered.

The proximity to the worlds biggest ocean mixed with the cold Humbolt Current that flows just past the very tip of Lima’s coastline mixed with the city’s barren desert terrain mixed with the barrier that is formed by the nearby Andes all combine to constitute what is known as a “micro climate” which applies solely to Lima and is the reason for all the clouds. In as little as half an hours drive outside of the city it is possible to find places where the sun presides all year round. Of all the cities in South America I could have chosen to live… 🙂

But now, as summer approaches, Lima’s other season is beginning to become apparent, and it is getting properly sunny. With subtropical sun comes extreme heat, and as a result, today I am sunburnt. Might have to break open that sun cream after all…




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