He regresado

7 11 2009

Bolivia? christ that happened almost a year ago. Well then, given that i’m leaving in about 6 or 7 days, I had better make some sort of decent attempt to finish what I started and actually complete this blog.

Far from not wanting to share photos, stories, annecdotes, trivia with all 6.5 billion of you since my last post in March, it simply became far too difficult to write about life and travel in Peru anymore. In short, when I originally started writing, everything in this country was still new and fresh, a new experience. Then everything became a bit more familiar, and it became harder and harder to write about, until eventually, I couldnt be bothered any more, and this blog became defunct.

Only temporarily though: with my immenent departure, i will soon no longer have the privelage of writing a Peru travel blog from within the country itself. So I’m going to attempt to round the whole thing off splendidly with a nice big fat red ribbon.

I’m not even going to attempt to give a day by day description, a blow by blow account: that would be manic and probably a bit crap given i can barely even remember what I did last weekend. So, well, I thought it would be more constructive if I looked back at my time here (aww) and figure out just exactly what I’ve learnt, if anything, and try and sort it into some sort of more coherent thought than the mess of ideas that is currently flying around in my head just now.

That is why we travel, right? To learn? well obviously minus booze cruises and beach holidays, work trips and …. ok, well the reason I am travelling is to learn. And learn I haved.

So here it is (uhm, or here it will be in the coming days), a series of posts engineered to assertain just exactly what the feck it is i’ve learned in 16 months in Peru.  Or something like that. Gosh, I can almost hear you gasping with anticipation already…




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