Help! I’m still in Peru!

17 05 2013

Please, help me get out of here. If I eat another plate of tiradito again I think I might turn into an alpaca. I don’t know how I let this happen but I’m a tax-paying Peruvian resident now, complete with pension and dental insurance. I eat aji for breakfast, lunch and dinner while it was a source of great pride to watch jefferson farfan sink those despicable chileans. I find Cuzqueña pleasantly refreshing and consider cumbia, salsa and dengue dengue dengue to be acceptable evening listening material. Worst of all, my English is twisting itself into Spanglish and slowly, ever so painfully slowly into Español. Mira, ni siquiera puedo terminar este post sin hablar en castellano! que me esta pasando! estoy volviendo loco acá aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I’ll take this opportunity to reaffirm that everything published between August 2008 to December 2009 is rendered null and void. Total bollocks, the lot of it!


Simón Simon





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