The author of this blog is a Scottish person who used to live in Lima, Peru. In order to let family and friends at home and across the world know (most of) what he was up to on his travels he started this blog. The blog contains thoughts, musings, reflections, rambled narratives, questionable assertions, overused metaphors, wayward conclusions and pictures of dodgy haircuts that relate at least in some small part to his time in the “Land of the Incas” and “The City of Kings”. He sincerely hopes that people can scrape some kind of interest out of what he has written, and appreciates comments left by his beloved family, which reassure him that people do in fact take time out of their lives to read his “stuff”. He would also like to thank his friends for the photos in the weeks and months that he didn’t have a camera.

N.B. Due to sarcasm, many of the passages written in this blog are NOT REFLECTIVE OF THE AUTHORS ACTUAL OPINION. Much of the prose is also littered with irony, so the author would like to take this time to reassure you that he had an absolutely amazing time in South America.

Gracias a todos – Thank you everybody.


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2 11 2008
Count the Adjectives « peru times

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